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Uganda’s Matoke Tours Africa’s new website and Matoke Academy

Uganda’s “Most Sustainable Tour Operator”​ launches new website and training academy for B2B partners at #ITBBerlin.

Anna Grodzki, Managing Director of Matoke Tours Africa, explains: “The Matoke Tours Africa’s new website and the Matoke Academy are entirely geared towards the needs of our B2B partners. For example, we make the latest destination knowledge accessible, support the production of digital content for marketing purposes and provide individual advice on how sustainability aspects can be embedded in product development. This is how we can support our B2B partners to provide the best possible service to their clients.”

ITB 2023’s theme of “Mastering Transformation” has been a major focus of Matoke Tours Africa’s recent work, embodied in the company’s new website, packed full of resources for partners, which we list overleaf. ITB 2023’s emblem of a chameleon is a creature that is endemic to Uganda.

About Matoke Tours 
Why partners choose to work with Matoke Tours Africa
  • Comprehensive onboarding process for new partners.
  •  Extensive and up-to-date destination knowledge supported by in-depth destination training.
  •  Highly experienced team includes dedicated English-, German- and Dutch-speaking travel consultants.
  •  In-depth knowledge of Uganda’s source markets and understanding of clients’ needs.
  •  Tailormade services, including content marketing support and conceptual itineraries.
  •  Crisis management and problem-solving ability with 24/7 access to back-office services.
  •  Vast network within the industry and a strong reputation in East Africa and beyond.
  •  The Matoke Academy for agents launches soon.
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