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Southern Sun and Miss Earth South Africa Unite to Celebrate World Environment Day 2023

As Southern Sun strives to responsibly manage its environmental impact, the group’s commitment was highlighted on this year’s World Environment Day through a collaborative community project with its partner, the Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Development Programme. Together with Wild Route Trees and GebCo 3Sixty compost, they embarked on a tree-planting initiative and community clean-up at Matiwane Combined School in Orange Farm, promoting environmental stewardship.

In line with the United Nations Environment Programme’s theme for this year, #BeatPlasticPollution, Miss Earth South Africa emphasized the importance of individual responsibility in combating plastic pollution. The organization stressed the need for individuals to take accountability for their own waste generation and advocated for reuse and recycling as crucial solutions.

Ella Bella Leite, Director of Miss Earth South Africa, underlined the urgency of finding sustainable solutions to plastic waste in our environment and oceans. “Putting an end to plastic pollution requires the participation of every individual. Together, we can make a difference #ForPeopleForPlanet,” Leite stated. The leadership program collaborates with like-minded partners, such as Southern Sun, to support and promote efforts aimed at addressing this critical issue.

Southern Sun continues to implement tangible changes through its various environmental policies and projects, actively working to minimize its environmental impact. Candy Tothill, Head of Corporate Affairs, Brands, and Marketing for Southern Sun, commented, “By joining forces with the Miss Earth South Africa program, we aim to inspire individuals and communities to actively engage in environmentally-friendly practices and initiatives that we believe are essential for a more sustainable future.”
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