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Newmark Adds a New Wellness Pillar to Its Foundational Offerings

Newmark Hotels & Reserves is introducing a new wellness pillar to its foundational hospitality service offerings. This will be driven by the Cape Town-based hospitality management company’s newly appointed Director of Wellness, Steve Uria.

“The introduction of wellness offerings at regular touchpoints along the Newmark customer journey is a key strategic focus for us,” says Neil Markovitz, CEO of Newmark Hotels & Reserves.

Markovitz explains that wellness tourism includes activities aimed at improving and enhancing an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. “Consumers are more aware of the links between physical and mental health, and this is driving the rise of wellness as a consumer value.”

“Transformative travel is not merely a passing trend, but the very future of the hospitality industry,” comments Uria about the creation of his new position at Newmark.

Quoting American Express Travel’s 2023 Global Travel Trends report Uria says that the hospitality industry is riding a wellness wave forecast to grow exponentially in the next decade. Notable findings from this report include an overwhelming majority (72%) of respondents citing that they are more focused on self-care than they were a year ago. Travellers also report that they want to decompress from their busy lives, reduce their screen time and surround themselves with nature to focus on mental clarity. This is indicative of why 73% of report respondents divulged that they are planning vacations with the primary intention to better their mental, physical, and emotional health.

“It’s a paradigm shift that underscores a growing demand for more than just accommodation; guests are increasingly seeking transformative experiences,” adds Uria.

Newmark’s golden thread bolsters hospitality offerings

Last year Newmark bolstered its food and beverage offerings by bringing industry leaders, Chris Erasmus and Marlvin Gwese,on board as Newmark’s Group Head Chef and Group Sommelier.

“Every property, although bearing Newmark standards and service excellence, holds its own essence, providing guests the opportunity to explore, to discover and to be pleasantly surprised by the variety of experiences in its portfolio – and this is exactly what we’re amplifying in new and exciting ways at each dining facility under the Newmark Brand,” commented Markovitz about the appointments at the time.

Similarly, Newmark’s new Director of Wellness will be working to bring Newmark’s golden thread of excellence to the wellness offerings that will be introduced at different touchpoints along the customer journey.

“I’ve wanted to bring this pillar to life for a while. Many of our properties already have the infrastructure in place to offer exceptional wellness offerings. Steve will bring this all together, working with the hotels to curate wellness offerings to suit the individual character of each Newmark property and the guests that they attract,” says Markovitz.

He adds that Newmark is positioning itself to be at the forefront of the integration of wellness and hospitality in Africa. “Our business development team will work closely with Steve to strategically integrate wellness into the offerings of our 7 exciting new properties that are currently under development.”

Newmark staff are also on the radar for wellness development. “A company that assists employees to implement healthy mental and physical habits can improve its service levels and staff retention while also developing work teams with the ability to perform tasks optimally. I want to bring wellness practices to Newmark’s various teams through the introduction of individual assessments, postural integrity, nutritional education, breathwork and movement practices,” says Uria.

About Newmark’s new Director of Wellness – Steve Uria

Wellness and fitness expert, Steve Uria, joins Newmark Hotels & Reserves’ management team to drive the integration of wellness principles and practices across Newmark’s extensive portfolio of hospitality properties.

Uria’s roots as a South African military specialist trainer provided him with the foundation to push beyond preconceived limits and pursue personal empowerment. For over 35 years he has driven fitness innovation in South Africa, the US, and the Middle East. His extensive experience as a fitness trainer has seen him training Fortune 500 CEOs, boxers, famous actors, professional football and basketball players, and pop stars.

Uria has worked in roles as diverse as Head Trainer for MGM Studios in Los Angeles to Chief Health and Wellness officer for Fintech’s Ozow brand. From the opening of his first gym in Los Angeles with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Jon Parks, and Reg Parks in the early 90s, Uria has continued to introduce new fitness and wellness concepts in global locations. His entrepreneurial endeavours have included the launch of Eclipse One On One (the first ever outdoor boot camp), BLAST 900, S.W.E.A.T 1000, The Ruthless Workout Series and Switch Playground.

In his capacity as an advisor and wellness expert Uria has regularly appeared in the media on CNN, Fox Sport Network, ESPN and on several international talk shows. He’s been featured in the New York Post, Vogue USA, Women’s Health and Metro People. He has also worked on the Men’s Health Fitness Council.

Having branched out into the hospitality industry, Steve now works closely with Newmark’s Business Development team to strategically introduce new wellness concepts within the industry. Steve then

 oversees the implementation of these initiatives across customer touchpoints within the extensive portfolio of hotels and reserves, bringing Newmark’s pillar of wellness to life.

About Newmark Hotels and Reserves 

Newmark Hotels & Reserves lives by the promise of “experience authentic”. It creates memorable and unique experiences for guests – authentic to the location, environs, and people of each of its properties.

From gracious boutique luxury hotels, vibrant city hotels, inspiring safari lodges, to blissful island getaways – Newmark is a curator of occasions that excite, serve, soothe, and take care of its guests. Occasions that are complemented by sensorial cuisine, directed by Newmark’s Group Head Chef and enhanced by its Group Sommelier’s selected wine choices.

Established in 2007, Newmark Hotels & Reserves has its roots in Cape Town, and continues to expand throughout Africa. The hospitality management company’s South African footprint includes Cape Town’s iconic V&A Waterfront, the magnificent Cape Winelands, the open skies of the Karoo, the rolling green hills of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere and the vast Kruger National Park where lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard roam free. Further afield Newmark’s guests can experience West African golf experiences, the majesty of the Great Migration and the opulence of Mauritian and Zanzibar beach resorts.

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