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The LTDC is Implementing Wildlife Conservation Measures to Boost Tourism in Lesotho

The Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) is a stakeholder in environmental conservation which continuously ensures that the conservation of wildlife forms parts of the agenda in all its public engagement platforms.

The LTDC says wildlife is a critical element in development and promotion tourism. In its statement following incidents of stray killing of wild animals in the country, LTDC urged members of the public across the country to protect wildlife.

”We request members of the public to report any stray animals to the department of environment, which is mandated to conserve wildlife, or to call the corporation on +266 22322238,” the LTDC stated.

Alternatively, LTDC said such animals could be assisted to move back to their appropriate habitats where possible, instead of being killed.

The statement stated that the corporation being a stakeholder in environmental conservation continuously ensures that conservation of wildlife forms part of the agenda in all its public engagement platforms, including its regular community sensitisation and education programs on tourism.

It has been reported that Ha Foso residents killed a monitor lizard, which they found in their area and ate it.

This is a common occurrence in Lesotho, especially for herd boys to hunt and kill wild animals like springboks or rabbits and eat them. While reptiles like snakes are being killed for fear of being poisonous to humans, where some of them are now extinct.

In other countries killing a wild animal is a crime which can land one in jail if found, as they are protected by law since they promote tourism.

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