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Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci Sets New World Record with 100-Hour Cooking Marathon

By Jamie du Plessis l Tourism News Africa

Known as Hilda Baci, renowned Nigerian foodpreneur Hilda Bassey Effiong made culinary history on Monday at 19:45 GMT. She took up an inspiring feat of endurance by cooking non-stop for a remarkable 100 hours. This has earned her a place in the prestigious Guinness World Records that catapulted her into the global spotlight and allowed her to take a seat amongst Africa’s top 10 world record holders.

A Remarkable Journey in Lagos

Baci founded a fast food restaurant, My Food By Hilda, in Lagos, Nigeria, where her unwavering passion for food has allowed her to train students how to craft delectable dishes. Her journey within the realm of gastronomy has led her to provide humanitarian assistance to communities in need too.

She continuously displayed her skill and determination as she undertook the culinary marathon challenge. The record-breaking cooking marathon commenced with Baci meticulously crafting an extensive array of delectable dishes. Showcasing her mastery of diverse culinary techniques and cuisines which were inspired by her mother.

Prior to the challenge Baci told News Central Africa TV, “But I just know for a fact that it’s important for me to do this for myself. Just from where I’m coming from, like from my background so that the women that come after me just can feel, see, like Hilda did that. So I can do better than that. Even in the Bible it says that the latter shall be greater than the former.”

An Extraordinary Feat of Endurance

Throughout the grueling 100-hour cooking marathon, Baci’s unwavering commitment and dedication to her craft were evident. Her stamina, focus, and precision remained unwavering, and she continued to create culinary marvels that left spectators with pride. The extraordinary feat not only pushed the boundaries of her own abilities but also highlighted the richness and diversity of Nigerian culinary traditions.

Baci skillfully prepared and presented a stunning array of dishes that captured the essence of Nigerian cuisine while incorporating innovative twists. Her culinary prowess shone through as she flawlessly executed intricate recipes, balancing flavors and textures with finesse.

Baci’s unprecedented feat serves as an inspiration to aspiring chefs. Highlighting the importance of perseverance, passion, and unyielding dedication in the pursuit of culinary excellence. Her remarkable achievement reinforces the notion that boundaries are meant to be pushed, and the pursuit of one’s dreams can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

Recognition and Support

Baci’s achievement did not go unnoticed, as supporters, government officials, celebrities, and food enthusiasts alike gathered to witness her culinary prowess across Africa. Africans shared their pride in the media and their love on social media as they narrated how Nigerians and nations can come together irrespective of, ‘tribe, religion, and political alignment’. Energies were high as Nigerians gathered and supported her as a united front at Hilda Baci’s Cookathon, which was at capacity.

In her cookathon’s final moments Channels Television’s senior correspondent said, “It should be a connecting point for a lot of Nigerians. You can do it, whatever it is that you dream, you can do it. This is a testament that dreams do come true.”

Among those who extended their congratulations was the Nigerian President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who acknowledged Hilda’s remarkable accomplishment and praised her for putting Nigeria on the global culinary map. President Muhammadu Buhari congratulated the young chef as he stated, “I share the immense joy of all Nigerians as Hilda Bassey Effiong (Hilda Baci) makes history by breaking the world record for longest cooking marathon. A great day for Nigeria. We’re all very proud of what she has personally accomplished—and placing Nigeria in the global spotlight.”

The Governor of Lagos State Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu personally visited Hilda during her marathon, expressing his admiration for her exceptional talent and dedication. The governor had the opportunity to savor Hilda’s mouthwatering creations firsthand, further solidifying her reputation as a culinary maestro.

The news of Hilda Baci’s groundbreaking achievement quickly spread beyond national borders, captivating the attention of individuals around the world. This recognition further emphasizes the significant impact Hilda’s achievement has had, not only within Nigeria but also in the international culinary sphere.

Leaving a Lasting Culinary Legacy

As Hilda Baci’s name enters the annals of culinary history, her influence and impact on the Nigerian culinary scene are set to endure. Her record-breaking cooking marathon not only showcases her own remarkable abilities but also shines a spotlight on the rich culinary heritage of Nigeria. Through her talent and passion, Hilda has become an ambassador for Nigerian cuisine, inspiring others to embrace the beauty and creativity of the country’s culinary traditions.

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