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Clickatell Launches Chat 2 Pay with FlySafair for WhatsApp Mobile Payments

FlySafair customers can now make faster, more secure and convenient payments to the airline via their mobile phones.

Clickatell, the Chat Commerce and mobile messaging leader, announced that it had gone live with its Chat 2 Pay feature with FlySafair, South Africa’s leading low-cost airline. FlySafair is the first airline in the world to deploy Chat 2 Pay with a pay-by-link capability that allows its customers the convenience of effortless mobile payments via FlySafair’s WhatsApp channel.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and are therefore very excited that our customers can now pay for their luggage with a payment link shared to their mobile phones via WhatsApp. There is no need any more for our customers to go stand in a queue at the airport to pay for luggage,” explained Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair.

FlySafair customers can access the WhatsApp service by sending “Hi” to the FlySafair business account at +27 87 357 0030. Once in the WhatsApp channel, customers can select “My Booking” and then “Buy a Bag” and follow the prompts on the secure payment link to make a purchase on WhatsApp. Customers can also scan a QR code at the check-in counters to receive the secure payment link. 

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Together with Clickatell, FlySafair is the first airline in the world to deploy Chat 2 Pay, a pay-by-link capability that gives customers convenience of WhatsApp mobile payments

FlySafair, recognized by TripAdvisor as one of the world’s top carriers based on the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for airlines worldwide, is bucking the trend of airlines using mobile apps to address consumers’ needs by using WhatsApp as a convenient, instantaneous and optimal customer service and transaction channel for its customers. By adding Chat 2 Pay, FlySafair helps its customers to save time and safely make payments further by clicking on the Chat 2 Pay link delivered in a message in WhatsApp without requiring them to expose their personal payment information to a call centre agent or by reading the payment card details out over the phone.

Interacting and transacting with airlines using mobile messaging has already been welcomed by travellers. Clickatell’s latest Chat Commerce Trends Report: Travel Edition 2022 found that 89% of consumers would like to use mobile messaging to interact with airlines, and 77% said they are willing to use a mobile payment link with travel brands. Commerce within mobile messaging is becoming the preferred way for consumers to transact, accounting for 71% ( of retail traffic and generating 61% of online shopping orders.

“We are thrilled to work with FlySafair to transform its customers’ experience by making it possible to make payments using their mobile phones. No one has time to stand in queues anymore, and almost every adult on the planet has a mobile phone. There is a major opportunity for airlines across the globe to enhance their customers’ travel experience by making it possible to browse, book and pay for, as well as manage their travel bookings on their mobile phones,” said Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Clickatell. 

About a year ago FlySafair expanded its customer service by offering the popular WhatsApp channel through the Clickatell Platform. The FlySafair WhatsApp channel hosts key information about customer bookings, flight status, general flight information, an option to check in and receive boarding passes on WhatsApp, the option to chat with a live agent, and the option to make payments for extra products and services.

“Our goal is to offer all the functionality currently available on our website via the WhatsApp channel, making end-to-end booking and reservation management as easy as possible,” added Gordon.

For more information about Chat 2 Pay, please visit Clickatell’s product page here.

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