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City Lodge Hotels’ Integrated Report 2023 Reveals Three Key Themes

Get ready to dive into the City Lodge Hotels integrated report 2023, now available online.

Examine how the group creates value through its assets and activities, spanning financial capital, social and relationship capital, intellectual capital, human capital, manufactured capital, and natural capital. Hear from chairman Bulelani Ngcuka on how the group has bolstered its resilience in the face of uncertainty in his review of the past financial year and outlook for the coming one. See what chief executive officer Andrew Widegger has to say about doing business in a post-pandemic world, strategic changes to the business, and how the group is navigating this period of renewal.

This year’s theme reflects the group’s brand repositioning campaign of Check into easy by delivering simplicity seamlessly across three key pillars: experience, service, and affordability.

The integrated report goes into detail about matters affecting value creation, preservation, and erosion in the short, medium, and long term, and how this impacts three key themes:

–         Changing guest needs in the post-Covid environment

–         Optimising value creation as we emerge from the pandemic

–         Operational resilience, climate crisis and sustainable operations

Dhanisha Nathoo, chief financial officer, says, “Through our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), we strive to deliver broader societal and environmental value. We have chosen to focus on 16 (out of a possible 17) priority SDGs. Our dedication to these goals reflects our holistic value creation and preservation approach. By integrating ESG considerations into every business aspect, we aim to safeguard the interests of the societies we serve from potential value erosion. In doing so, we deepen our commitment to and augment our influence on the UN SDGs we have identified.”

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