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Tourism News Africa Joins Forces as Official Media Partner of MEA Future Leaders Challenge South Africa

Tourism News Africa is thrilled to announce its partnership as the official media partner of the  MEA Future Leaders Challenge South Africa, the premier platform dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration within the hospitality and tourism sector. Scheduled to take place on 8-9 May 2024 in Sandton, this event serves as a pivotal gathering for industry leaders, students, government officials, and universities to address future challenges and drive strategic growth initiatives.

The MEA Future Leaders Challenge is instrumental in uniting stakeholders to enhance education quality, talent development, and overall industry attractiveness. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, the Challenge aims to inspire the next generation of leaders to pursue rewarding careers within the dynamic landscape of hospitality and tourism.

Derek Martin, Owner of Tourism News Africa, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “At Tourism News Africa, we are deeply committed to empowering and supporting the future trailblazers of the tourism industry across the continent. By aligning with the MEA Future Leaders Challenge, we are able to further our mission of promoting excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth within the sector.”

Hubert Ummels, one of the founding partners of FLC and the owner and founder of GameChangers Group, expresses the FLC’s transformative goals, stating, “This platform unites industry leaders, students, and universities, driving transformative collaborations and initiatives to enhance education quality, talent development, and human capital focus.”

As the official media partner, Tourism News Africa looks forward to showcasing the transformative ideas and initiatives that emerge from the Future Leaders Challenge. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage, insights, and interviews leading up to this landmark event.

For more information about Tourism News Africa and the MEA Future Leaders Challenge, visit and, respectively.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards shaping the future of hospitality and tourism in the MEA region.

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