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Tourism News Africa Celebrates Success of Inaugural Advent Calendar Competition

Tourism News Africa, the leading voice in the travel and hospitality news sector on the continent, is proud to announce the overwhelming success of its inaugural Advent Calendar Competition held from November 1 to December 21, 2023. The innovative campaign, which captured the hearts and imaginations of travellers around the continent, produced an incredible 21 different prize winners.

During the two-month-long digital event, the public had the opportunity to enter into prize draws valued at One Million Rand!  Included in the prizes were once-in-a-lifetime, unique travel experiences, all hidden behind the virtual doors of the Advent Calendar. The meticulously crafted campaign designed to boost tourism across Africa resulted in unprecedented engagement, seeing a staggering 11 104 entries with all-time website records being broken all the way.

The Advent Calendar Competition was more than a campaign; it was a showcase of the rich tapestry of destinations Africa has to offer. We are delighted by the response from travellers and the sponsors involved in this inaugural campaign.

The campaign not only brought together an array of businesses from the hospitality industry but also provided a platform for them to advertise at a continental scale, bringing light to travel opportunities around the continent.  Some of the locations of our prize sponsors included Zambia, South Africa, Malawi & Uganda to name a few.  The success of the campaign has demonstrated the power of innovative marketing strategies in promoting tourism within Africa.

Stay tuned to our Facebook & LinkedIn channels along with our website for information on the re-launch of the Christmas In July Advent Calendar Competition in 2024.

Thank you once again to our incredible sponsors for shining a light on travel opportunities around the continent: The Singer Group, AHA Hotels & Resorts, Newmark Hotels, Kruger Gate Hotel, Cradle Boutique Hotel, FDC Financial Solutions, The Latitude Hotels

About Tourism News Africa: Tourism News Africa is the premier news source dedicated to delivering the latest in travel trends, destination spotlights, and tourism developments within the African continent. Committed to the growth of sustainable and inclusive tourism, Tourism News Africa connects travellers to the pulse of Africa’s vibrant beat.

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