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The Association of African Exhibition Organisers partners with the Exhibition and Events Association of South Africa to elevate exhibition industry standards

The Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO) proudly announces its strategic partnership with the Exhibition and Events Association of South Africa (EXSA), marking a significant milestone in the advancement of the exhibition sector, fostering growth, professionalism, and excellence across South Africa and the African continent.

EXSA, renowned for its commitment to setting industry standards and promoting integrity among its members, joins forces with AAXO, a collaborative platform dedicated to enhancing the exhibition landscape in Africa. Together, they aim to fortify the industry, address challenges, and elevate standards through mutual support and cooperation.

Speaking about the partnership, Devi Paulsen-Abbott, Chairperson at AAXO, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with EXSA in our shared mission to elevate industry standards and promote excellence within the exhibition sector. This partnership represents a significant step forward in advancing the interests of our members and the industry as a whole.”   

The partnership between AAXO and EXSA outlines several key objectives aimed at promoting excellence within the exhibition industry:

  • Promotion of the highest standards of event and exhibition organising in South Africa and across Africa;
  • Collaborative planning and execution of a Global Exhibition Day event on 5 June 2024, focusing on delivering a meaningful and impactful experience for all participants;
  • Joint marketing and promotional campaigns to raise awareness and generate excitement for Global Exhibition Day;
  • Hosting workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities to enhance professional development and knowledge sharing among industry professionals;
  • Facilitation of joint sessions to address issues between organisers and suppliers, fostering dialogue and resolution;
  • And establishment of a joint committee to oversee the implementation and progress of the partnership.

“The signing of an MOU is a small step towards a bigger vision, which is why we celebrate the small steps. EXSA and AAXO have so much in common, built on a foundation of trust, that working together means we have the best interest for our members at heart. Through this MOU, we are able to streamline work flow, open communication between the associations and make sure we have a harmonious environment. We look forward to deepening our MOU to allow each other’s expectations and outcomes for industry not to be compromised,” concludes Sibusiso Mncwabe, EXSA Chairperson.

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About The Association of African Exhibition Organisers

The Association of African Exhibition Organisers is a collaborative platform primarily representing exhibition organisers in Africa. This collaboration guarantees an investment in the growth and development of exhibitions as well as industry challenges being addressed. Having earned the acclaim as an association that delivers on its obligations, AAXO is committed to promoting the industry, encouraging businesses to invest and participate in exhibitions, affording members tools and resources for successful exhibition management, and encouraging world-class industry standards. This dedication is evident in AAXO’s commitment to linking organisers to a network of suppliers and opportunities to ensure growth in the exhibition industry.

About EXSA

EXSA was founded in 1980 and has since then been the cornerstone of the industry. An industry platform that is passionate and committed to helping Industry members connect, engage, learn and grow, EXSA promotes the unique marketing benefits offered by exhibitions and events and raises the profile of its members. The word CONNECT is the focus of the year, pairing people together to leverage and learn from each other is going to be the focus of 2024, as we get busier it will be impossible to do everything alone so having the right connections is vital. EXSA membership provides access to and support of the globally recognised Industry Association for goods & services suppliers, exhibition & event service providers, venues, role-players and stakeholders.

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