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Relief as Taxi Strike Disruptions Come to an End in Cape Town


On behalf of the tourism sector, I wish to express our collective relief that the taxi strike in Cape Town has been called off. We welcome the developments that SANTACO and the Western Cape Government and City of Cape Town officials have reached an agreement and hope that all parties do all they can to implement the agreement peacefully with no further disruptions, damage to infrastructure and attacks on people.

The taxi strike has dealt a heavy blow to many industries and has severely impacted the lives of residents in Cape Town with children not being able to get to school, people not being able to get to places of work or access other essential services like hospitals and clinics. Visitors to South Africa have also been impacted by the strike and the violence which affected residents and visitors is strongly condemned.

The loss of human life during the strike is deeply tragic and we convey our deepest condolences to all families and friends who lost loved ones during the taxi strike violence. We sincerely hope that such devastating acts are never repeated again and that all organisations together with government, will work to resolve disputes amicably and within the framework of the law.

The violence and attacks on human lives is unacceptable and uncalled for and as the tourism sector, we urge all parties to continue to engage in a peaceful and collaborative manner to see progress and fairness for all. As a society, we must acknowledge the important role that all sectors play in our country, including the taxi industry, but we must all obey the rule of law and show respect for others as no one is above the law. We hope that all aspects of life, work and travel can now continue as we all work together with the aim of growing our economy and creating more jobs for our people.

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