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South Africa – Top Source Markets – August 2023

By TrevPAR World Group

In August 2023, we analysed a sample size of 7462 individual reservations and 18 802 room nights for new bookings made into South Africa. Despite a 12.54% decrease compared to the previous year due to international market displacement, South Africa remained the top contributor in terms of room nights booked. The top inbound markets for reservations made in August were the UK, Germany (which showed the highest year-on-year growth among all inbound markets), USA, and the Netherlands.

The overall lead time for reservations made into South Africa has significantly increased compared to 2022. The average lead time for all reservations was 46.69 days, with the domestic market having a lead time of 27.38 days, almost double the lead time in 2022 of 13.95 days. Only the UK and Netherlands market have maintained consistent lead times at 45 and 45 days respectively.

Regarding the average length of stay, all top markets, including South Africa, have seen an increase compared to August 2022. South Africa currently has an average length of stay of 2.17 days. Among the top markets, Germany has the longest length of stay with 3.17 days, an increase from 2.31 days in 2022.

Despite a downturn in the domestic market, we are witnessing a strong recovery in the usual key inbound markets, with the domestic market dominating in August.

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