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Skål International Cape Town and Qingdao, China Forge Strong Ties with Memorandum of Cooperation

Cape Town – Skål International Cape Town proudly announces the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOU) with Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, marking a significant milestone in fostering cross-marketing and collaboration between these two vibrant cities. The formalities took place during an extraordinary meeting held on Friday, 26 May 2023, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Johan van Schalkwyk, Vice President of Skål International Cape Town, had the esteemed honour of delivering a heartfelt welcome address during the proceedings. Recognizing the immense potential for growth in the tourism sector, Van Schalkwyk emphasized the critical importance of cultivating strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts between brands, organizations, cities, and regions.

The distinguished delegation from Qingdao, China, included Wenpeng Su, Deputy Governor of the Laoshan District Government, and Bangru Sui, Deputy Director of the Qingdao Culture and Tourism Bureau. Their presence exemplified their commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and mutual growth within the tourism industry.

A momentous highlight of the gathering was the signing of the MOU, solidifying the cooperative efforts between Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Skål International Cape Town. The memorandum recognizes the global reach and influential network of Skål International, while acknowledging Qingdao as an exceptional international tourism brand.

The MOU furthermore emphasizes the importance of co-marketing and promoting each other’s destinations, facilitating the exchange of information and tourists between Cape Town and Qingdao. This collaborative approach aims to drive the mutual development and prosperity of tourism in both cities.

While Skål International currently does not have a dedicated club in China, the previous World President, Lavonne Wittman, made significant strides in establishing a Skål International presence in the country. Presently, there are three independent Skål International members in China, showcasing the growing interest and potential for further collaboration.

The ceremony, hosted at the prestigious TAJ Hotel in Cape Town, culminated in a magnificent tea ceremony symbolizing unity and friendship between Cape Town and Qingdao.

The MOU between Skål International Cape Town and Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism paves the way for strategic relationships, creating a platform for sharing best practices, fostering cultural exchange, and enhancing tourism cooperation between these dynamic cities.

Skål International Cape Town Strengthens Ties with Qingdao, China through a Memorandum of Cooperation
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