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Découvrez le Goût de France: Locals and Visitors are Invited to Indulge in a French Feast!

The French Ambassador to Seychelles, Her Excellency Madame Olivia Berkeley-Christmann, inaugurated the Gout de France/Good France 2024 Festival at the French Residence in La Misère on Monday 22nd April.

This event, a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of France, highlights French gastronomy through a series of captivating events organised by the French diplomatic network across five continents. This year’s theme revolves around the exciting fusion of “Sport and Gastronomy”, echoing the approach of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. In Seychelles, the event is proudly presented by the French Embassy in collaboration with the Tourism Department.

Local restaurant owners and catering service providers in Seychelles have been invited to embark on a culinary journey, displaying their ‘savoir-faire’ through authentic French cuisine or innovative fusions of French and Creole flavours. With gastronomic tasting experiences and wine samplings, the event promises a delightful exploration of French culinary heritage and its enduring influence.

Spanning from April 22nd to the end of April, the festival will feature the participation of around eight restaurants, including Delplace Restaurant by Pierre Delplace and Club Med represented by Adrien de Robillard, alongside other establishments such as La Belle Tortue, Hilton properties, Constance Ephelia, Story Seychelles, and Gou Notik.

Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, Director General of Destination Marketing, expressed Seychelles’ continued commitment to participating in Goût de France, emphasising this year’s significance in allowing local establishments to showcase their talents and contribute to the fusion of Creole and French cuisine, enriching Seychellois gastronomy.

Following the press conference, guests and members of the press enjoyed sampling dishes prepared by Mr. Ryan Maria, an instructor at the Seychelles Tourism Academy, and his students, which showcased the creative fusion of French and Creole culinary traditions, highlighting Seychellois gastronomy’s innovation.

Since its inception in 2015, this initiative, led by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in collaboration with renowned chef Alain Ducasse, has been dedicated to highlighting France’s rich culinary heritage and introducing global audiences to the exceptional expertise of French cuisine.

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