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SANParks Celebrates Tourism Excellence in New Chapters of Development

South African National Parks (SANParks) celebrated the graduation of 68 hospitality managers on 7 March from the Private Hotel School with a Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management.

Through this programme, the aim is to develop its current hospitality staff and enable them to learn and perfect the art of hospitality. This is the first hospitality programme of its kind for SANParks and is part of the effort to reinforce certain good practices, change behaviours, increase productivity, and heighten customer excellence and experience.

SANParks Acting CEO Property Mokoena said, “With the advent of Covid-19, the Tourism industry was completely shut down, and as it has revived itself, SANParks wants to be the best of the best and make sure that our hospitality staff are up-to-date and relevant in this new world we find ourselves in. It is a new chapter in human development, and we are the agents of change that are shaping the future.”

In uplifting its employees, it’s aim is in building a well-skilled workforce that will allow for the achievement of a world-class system of sustainable national parks reconnecting and inspiring society. “Moreover, we want to build a team that will be able to adapt to the changing outlook of the globally competitive environment,” stated Mokoena. “The success of SANParks lies in its employees, and if we do not invest in them, then we will cease to be relevant.”

“We all know how important both our natural and cultural heritage is, and people the world over are looking to travel but are now more discerning. That is where our hospitality staff come in. With passionate and educated human capital, we can continue to conserve and leave future generations with the natural beauty and heritage of South Africa. We salute these new graduates and hope that they will take SANParks to greater heights of success in this new world we are navigating,” concluded Mokoena.

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