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Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa celebrates Earth Hour

Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa celebrates Earth Hour and its efforts towards sustainable tourism Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa, nestled in the Heart of the Helderberg, proudly embraces its commitment to sustainability as it joins the global celebration of Earth Hour. As lights dim around the world on March 23rd, 2024, Erinvale Hotel will showcase its dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible tourism.

This luxurious haven boasts a successful and multifaceted approach to its environmental consciousness and has already successfully implemented a range of eco-friendly practices to minimize its footprint and positively contribute to carbon offsetting.

A cutting-edge BESS/hybrid solar PV system, recently installed by Cape Solar, ensures stable power during load-shedding and now accounts for nearly 49% of the hotel’s energy consumption, substantially reducing its dependence on the grid.

Waste management is paramount at Erinvale Hotel, which partners with Averde Waste Furthermore, the hotel implements its own water filtration system and composting project, exclusively using heat pumps for all hot water needs on the property, bolstering its eco-friendly efforts.

In a conscientious effort to reduce plastic usage, the five-star property ensures that all amenities are vetted to avoid single-use plastic; instead opting for glass and re-usable items. Erinvale proudly aligns itself with Theravine in both its spa and in-room amenities, this award-winning health and skincare brand incorporates grape derivatives and botanical extracts, reflecting a commitment to environmentally conscious choices.

Erinvale’s commitment extends beyond environmental concerns to community development. The hotel partners with the Imibala Trust, a registered South African NPO focusing on empowering children affected by impoverished circumstances. This collaboration includes hospitality support and training for interested candidates, now entering its 3rd successful year with inspiring success stories transitioning into permanent employment and roles within the hotel operations.

Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa continues to set a standard for sustainable luxury, proving that responsible tourism can coexist harmoniously with unmatched hospitality. For Earth Hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm on March 23rd, Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa will symbolically dim the lights, relying on solar lights and candles to add a touch of romance to the usual gourmet gold dining experience. A special guided stargazing session serves as a mindful reminder to appreciate nature and underscores the positive impact achieved by working together and towards sustainable change. Hosted by Marius Reitz, a passionate advocate for astronomy, who has co-founded an observatory and is deeply invested fostering a deeper connection between the community and the cosmos.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact or 021 847 1160

About Erinvale Estate:

The five-star Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa, located in the Heart of the Helderberg, offers a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability. With a commitment to responsible tourism, Erinvale provides guests with a memorable experience while striving to minimize its environmental footprint.

For media inquiries, please contact: Open Doors Collective, on behalf of Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa

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