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Seamless Travel Opportunities to African and Chinese Destinations

The move seeks to improve travel, connectivity, and access from Africa to and from various cities in China.

Kenya Airways PLC (KQ) and China Southern Airlines (CZ) have renewed their interline agreement following the return of international travel to/from China. The agreement will assist in restoring connectivity for both airlines’ passengers to points on the respective carriers’ networks via Nairobi, Guangzhou and Shanghai using a single ticket and one baggage policy.

The reciprocal agreement enhances the connectivity options that KQ will offer to its passengers through access to domestic China destinations operated by China Southern, such as:

  • Shanghai,
  • Chongqing,
  • Changsha,
  • Chengdu,
  • Dalian,
  • Fuzhou,
  • Hefei,
  • Hangzhou,
  • Nanchang,
  • Kunming,
  • Guiyang,
  • Ningbo,
  • Nanjing,
  • Nanning,
  • Shenyang,
  • Shantou,
  • Sanya,
  • Qingdao,
  • Jinan,
  • Tianjin among others.

International destinations operated by China Southern will include:

  • Bangkok,
  • Hanoi,
  • Jakarta,
  • Kuala Lumpur,
  • Manila,
  • Penang,
  • Seoul,
  • Singapore,
  • Tokyo,
  • Sydney,
  • Auckland,
  • Melbourne.

China Southern passengers will also benefit from access to Kenya Airways network seamless connections to cities beyond Nairobi to African destinations such as:

  • Dar es Salaam,
  • Entebbe,
  • Kigali,
  • Kinshasa,
  • Bujumbura,
  • Johannesburg,
  • Cape Town,
  • Douala,
  • Mauritius, and other points.
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