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The Power of Women Shaping Hospitality Excellence

Clico Hotel, Restaurant & Conferencing, an iconic landmark in the heart of Rosebank, proudly celebrates the exceptional power of women who are driving the success and ambiance of the establishment. With a staff comprising an impressive 65% women and being women-owned under the leadership of founder and owner, Jeanette Schwegman, Clico is truly a testament to the strength, creativity, and resilience of women in the hospitality industry.
Clico Jeanette Schwegman1
Jeanette Schwegman

The beating heart of this establishment lies in the remarkable women who contribute their unwavering dedication and dynamic talents to create a world-class experience for guests according to Executive Chef and General Manager, Chef Dario de Angeli, who effuses admiration and inspiration for these phenomenal women. “Gritty, gutsy, and unbeatable,” he says are the words that aptly describe these extraordinary women who work tirelessly at Clico. He pays tribute to the strong team of women who work alongside him this Women’s Month.

Zodwa Ncube’s journey from Housekeeper to a key Receptionist is a tale of dedication and warmth. Her heartfelt smile has become synonymous with Clico’s welcoming spirit. Zodwa’s commitment to growth shines through as she embarks on training courses in Food and Beverage to further enhance her remarkable leadership and people skills.

Clico Zodwa1
Zodwa Ncube

Kate Ndlovu, the right hand of Chef Dario in the kitchen, is a true culinary dynamo. From turning concepts into reality to mastering the art of pastry and even venturing into pizza-making, Kate’s versatility and passion are the cornerstones of culinary innovation at Clico.

Clico Kate1
Kate Ndlovu

Edith Miya, lovingly known as ‘Mammia’, is the backbone of cleaning services and a dynamic baking enthusiast. Under Kate’s guidance, Edith is expanding her baking knowledge while ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained.

Clico Edith1
Edith Miya, ‘Mammia’

Xolisile Dlamini’s unrelenting work ethic and radiant smile bring a positive energy to the cleaning department and her training in Housekeeping. Her dedication is a true embodiment of Clico’s commitment to excellence.

Clico Xolisile1
Xolisile Dlamini

Thandeka Mbatha’s journey from the cleaning department to adeptly serving and managing hotel guests during breakfast is a story of growth and resilience. With rapidly developing barista skills and a captivating smile, she makes each breakfast experience unforgettable.

Clico Thandeka1
Thandeka Mbatha

Siphiwe Masemula’s management of Housekeeping responsibilities, coupled with her infectious humour, makes her an irreplaceable asset. Her cheeky and spirited nature brings laughter to everyone around her.

Clico Siphiwe1
Siphiwe Masemula

Nomfundo Mkhabela’s unwavering willingness to assist and her warm personality make her an integral part of the Clico team. Her dedication extends beyond her role, as she eagerly embraces opportunities to contribute to the Food and Beverage side of the business.

Clico Nomfundo1
Nomfundo Mkhabela

Charlotte Madlala, the epitome of poise and elegance, adeptly runs the Reception, check-ins, and check-outs. Her proficiency in guest services adds a touch of refinement to every guest interaction.

Clico Charlotte1
Charlotte Madlala

Nwabisa Moyi’s determination to return to work shortly after giving birth showcases her strength and dedication. Her commitment to her role is truly commendable.

Clico Nwabisa1
Charlotte Madlala

Promise Ngwena, a true multitasking expert, leads reservations alongside Silindokuhle Mbatha. Her resourcefulness, knowledge, and incredible patience are the driving forces behind the seamless management of bookings, from rates to queries about OTA’s and group reservations. Their ability to effortlessly handle queries, emails, restaurant bookings, and hotel reservations is truly remarkable.

Clico Promise1 1
Promise Ngwena

At the helm of this powerful team is Peggy Silepe, who has been part of the Clico team since Clico opened! She started in housekeeping and has worked her way up to management and is the heart and soul of Clico. Peggy’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the property, coupled with her guidance and support for every staff member, makes her an invaluable pillar of strength.

Clico Peggy1
Peggy Silepe

Clico‘s Power Women are not just employees but a testament to the vision, dedication, and innovation that make Clico a home-away-from-home for its guests. Each woman’s journey and contribution are a true source of inspiration, underscoring Clico’s commitment to fostering talent and diversity in the hospitality industry.

To commemorate Women’s Month, throughout August, all ladies who book lunch or dinner at either Clico Restaurant or 400 Degrees at Clico will receive a complimentary glass of MCC. This celebratory gesture is a token of appreciation for the remarkable women who contribute to Clico’s legacy and all women.

Clico Hotel, Restaurant & Conferencing – recognised among the top 10% of hotels worldwide by the 2023 Travellers’ Choice Awards – truly is an oasis of elegance tucked away in Rosebank where the bubbly flows and food is unpretentiously exquisite at both Clico Restaurant and our new casual dining offering, 400 Degrees at Clico! Bring your friends and family to enjoy an Italian food experience that will tantalise your tastebuds – bookings can be made via Dineplan.

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