Solarus - The Hot Water Solution

Solarus - The Hot Water Solution

The hot water solution The hot water solution provided by Solarus is a game-changer for businesses in which hot water is essential and needed constantly for showers, cooking, cleaning and laundry, for the production process, or for maintaining proper hygiene and sterilization. Our all-encompassing, fully-integrated, sustainable hot water solution shows the highest CO2 savings at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour. Especially designed for businesses and organisations with a high contant water demand and limited solar collector areas. Solarus helps these businesses towards a zero-energy bill for hot water with the latest and most innovative solar technologies that guarantee high yield, effectiveness and sustainability. Here are a few figures: 4x more energy per m2 4x more CO2 reductions 3x more profitability Power to you As an innovative renewable energy company, we develop and market the most innovative hybrid solar solution. Our solution supplies clean affordable energy for businesses with a high demand for hot water and electricity. Our solutions can harness up to three times more available solar energy when compared to conventional solar photovoltaic products on the market. This increased efficiency allows Solarus to displace more fossil fuel-based energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

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