Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla tracking is said to be an unforgettable experience that you have to place on your bucket list.

Rwanda has rigorous regulations that guarantee both the safety of you and the gorillas which additionally allows you to have private experiences that are as unobtrusive to the gorillas as possible. Visitors can track gorillas if they are at least 15 years old and in groups of no more than 8 persons with trained guides who speak English or French. There are only 96 permits issued a day and every troop of gorillas has eight tracking permits allocated to them. It is advised that you book in advance with licensed tour operators.

These majestic creatures, who range in size from 135 to 220 kg and stand 4 to 6 feet tall, are among the world’s largest living primates. Mountain gorillas are an endangered species in the wild and their numbers have amounted to an estimated 880 but the population has steadily grown to more than 1,000 through conservation efforts. Gorillas can be split into two different sub-species, discovered in 1902, the mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas. They are spread across the equatorial African rainforest.

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