EL AL was born in 1948 along with the State of Israel, not only as an airborne bridge between the fledgling State and the world, but as an expression of national existence and pride, as the Israeli flag adorning the aircraft’s tail proudly appeared in destinations around the world.


The history of EL AL is entwined with the history of Israel. EL AL grew along with the State, sharing moments of glory and joy – promoting the country’s growth and expanding its global reach. EL AL and its people were also there during days of sorrow and pain, answering the call of the nation.​


EL AL continues to grow in step with the country. Although the airline was privatized economically several years ago, its national spirit and commitment to Israel have never wavered. EL AL continues its many national activities striving for excellence through the service it offers its passengers. EL AL will continue to grow and flourish with the State and to be the first choice of travelers to and from Israel.


The guidelines by which the company operates are productivity, efficiency, punctuality and professionalism, in order to meet its passengers requirements at all times and places.


Through broad global coverage supported by an international chain of 77 sales offices and warm Israeli hospitality, EL AL has become more than a means of transport from one place to another in the world. It has been ranked by IATA as one of the most efficient airlines in the world.

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