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FEDHASA has announced its inaugural Hospitality Awards, set to take place on 25 January 2024.

The awards recognise the achievements and contributions of businesses and individuals to the hospitality landscape across several categories of excellence, including leadership, operations, sustainability, customer service, and innovation.

The awards ceremony will take place at a gala dinner at the Century City Conference Centre, where individuals who have shone in their departments will also be singled out.

“We envisioned an event that not only celebrates the best in our industry but also sets the tone for the future, fostering a spirit of continuous improvement, collaboration, and innovation,” says Rosemary Anderson, National Chair of FEDHASA. “As such, it’s not only an evening of accolades but also a holistic event with additional elements to add value to our hospitality professionals.”

Among these elements is an exhibition showcasing top hospitality partner brands while at the same time creating opportunities for networking and lead generation. The event also incorporates a thoughtfully curated conference, featuring influential speakers and an agenda of pivotal subjects such as energy, sustainability, the evolving realm of financial technology, and safety and security.

Entries for the Hospitality Awards will open on Wednesday, 15 November 2023.
For more details about the FEDHASA Hospitality Awards and registration information, please contact

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