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Erinvale Hotel Unveils Camphor Venue Space

Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa Unveils State-of-the-Art Camphor Venue: A Modern Hub for  Exceptional Events

Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa, a luxurious haven nestled in the Heart of the Helderberg, proudly introduces  the Camphor Venue, a breathtaking addition to its portfolio of multifunctional event spaces. With a  commitment to providing unparalleled experiences, the Camphor Venue is set to become a sought-after  destination for a wide range of events, from corporate meetings to grand gala dinners.

The Camphor Venue is a striking and distinctive space, unlike any other event venues in the region. Its  modern and elegant design, featuring a neutral palette, allows the venue to seamlessly adapt to the unique  requirements of each event. Large glass windows flood the space with natural light, creating an  atmosphere of openness and sophistication. The venue boasts high, acoustic-panelled ceilings, original art  pieces, and contemporary furniture and fixtures, creating a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

One of the standout features of the Camphor Venue is its commitment to sustainability. Continuous  electricity supply on the property is ensured by a state-of-the-art BESS/hybrid solar PV system, providing  stable power during load-shedding and making Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa a reliable venue for all events  and around the clock. The space is also equipped with a cutting-edge temperature control system for  ultimate guest comfort, while acoustic ceilings and panels guarantee an optimal auditory environment,  especially when the room is divided into three separate spaces.

With a venue capacity of approximately 120, Camphor is set to become a hub for events of various scales,  from intimate meetings and corporate seminars to weddings and large-scale banquets.

The dining services and gourmet fare provided are entirely customizable and with on-site additions like  induction heating equipment and a refrigerated cold section, all boxes are ticked and guests are ensured of  an epicurean experience nothing short of extraordinary.

In its steadfast commitment to meticulous attention to detail, Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa curates an  elevated experience, accentuated by thoughtful touches and collaborations with local suppliers for exquisite  décor and floral enhancements, underscoring the belief that it is the small details that shape the grand  tapestry of a memorable event.

The Camphor Venue will join the Oak and Birch Boardrooms as part of Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa event  spaces. While the Oak and Birch settings cater to more intimate meetings, the Camphor Venue, consisting of three interleading spaces, offers flexibility for a diverse range of events. Whether it’s meetings,  exhibitions, cocktail functions or product launches, the Camphor Venue provides an exquisite backdrop that  spills into the beautiful indigenous garden and courtyards during the summer months.

Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa invites all; from its valued trade, media and corporate partners to interested  individuals to witness this modern masterpiece first hand. For more information and updates, please visit

 For media inquiries, please contact: Open Doors Collective, on behalf of Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa

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