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How to End the Year Like a Boss with Office Parties!

When done well, office parties can make for great bonding sessions, especially when the company uses a hybrid working model or is entirely remote. Year-end parties can also be like opening a mystery box on a TV game show. Depending on your company culture and colleagues, you may reach in and pull out another dull night with Sunette from accounts or end up having one of the best nights of your life. It all depends on how you decide to celebrate. These ideas will ensure that your night leans toward the latter:

To The Ball Extravaganza

Everyone likes to feel fancy occasionally, and few things say the royal treatment like nibbling on hors d’oeuvres and sipping a welcome drink with your pinkie extended. If your colleagues like to get dolled up and let their inner Posh Spice out for the night, then curating an Instagram worthy extravaganza might be the perfect way to celebrate the year’s achievements. Just make sure everyone sticks to the dress code.

An Arty Celebration

If your office likes to be a little more creative then you can try something that’s taking the country by storm, Sip & Paint. From as little as R850pp, you and all the would-be Picassos in the office can immerse yourselves in a picturesque team-building experience at The Capital Melrose.

Garnet Basson, Chief Operating Officer at The Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts says, “Sometimes the best parties are the ones where there is the potential to get a little naughty. Our year-end sip & paints have become incredibly popular and that’s because they are spaces where people have fewer airs and graces. Everyone can just relax and have fun.”

Spectacular celebration

So, the company had a brilliant year. You defied all the odds and smashed all your targets and now it is time to celebrate. Nothing but a spectacular celebration is worthy of the hard work that you have done. We’re talking venues with sumptuous views, and decks where you can watch the sunset with a sundowner in hand and a DJ who will make sure that knees are sore the next day. Make sure you remember to craft a delectable three-course menu that will make people’s taste buds have as much fun as their joints when they hit the dance floor.

A Year-End Spectacle

Some companies only know how to do things one way, big. Year-end functions are not just parties, they are the Grammys for the office. If this sounds like your office, then you know everyone is going to arrive dressed like they were on the guestlist for the Met Gala, and you need an event that matches that energy. We’re talking roving mics, set menus and an air of opulence that would make Cleopatra envious.

Regardless of the type of party you are trying to have The Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts can and does cater to every vibe. To find out how you can elevate your year-end function simply contact or checkout all the available options here.

Now that you know what kind of party you want to have, it’s important to remember these crucial Dos and Dont’s to make sure your night hits the right notes:

  • Bond but don’t overshare: It can be wonderful to get to know your colleagues and it will make your work days go a lot better but always remember that you will have to see these people regularly, so spending the night complaining about your colleagues will do much more harm than good.
  • Dance: Don’t worry, everyone looks silly dancing. There are very few people who work in offices that also moonlight as professional dancers so loosen those hips and get on the floor. Dancing is proven to get you in a better mood, and it is a lot more fun than sitting in the corner discussing current affairs the whole night.
  • Don’t drive: Drinking and driving is a catastrophically bad decision. Even if you are just having one, e-hail a ride home. If you are not drinking at all, chances are you may still leave late and be tired. Rather have someone else drive if it is at all possible.
  • Drink more water: This one is specifically for the drinkers. Staff parties can be a spectacular time, but no one wants to be “that” person. So, feel free to balance your drinks with water or take a break for an hour or two while your body finds its sea legs.
  • Have fun: Go out and enjoy yourself. It’s been a long year and you’ve earned a good night out.
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