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Cosmopolitan Dining and an Upmarket Lounge in Gqeberha as Solidifies its Position

The cosmopolitan dining and upmarket lounge,, launched its first coastal branch on Freedom Day, 27 April 2023. It’s located in Summerstrand’s Boardwalk Casino Crescent which is a stone’s throw away from the beach, making this location ideal for as it aligns with the brand’s unique offering. An experience that caters to all your senses.

Explaining the new location, Director, Jackie Mathebe says: “This is an exciting time for us as Gqeberha is one of the growing markets in terms of tourism and development, with the added benefit of the Crescent being located 7min away from the airport. When the opportunity presented itself to expand into the coast, we realised that it was one that aligned with our brand and the overall vision of bringing the experience to a new market.”

This marks yet another milestone signaling a change of pace from their inland locations, complemented by a redesign of their traditional look and feel. Its new location is a complete 360 in terms of design and offerings without compromising on the signature brand and style.

According to Mathebe: “We felt that it was time for us to start sowing seeds outside of our comfort zone. Qeberha offers a completely different experience from our inland locations. We have taken bold decisions in the design and layout of this location, blending the coastal feel with a more cosmopolitan look. Our goal is to offer an experience that caters to all the senses.”

Inspiration has been drawn from the coastal surroundings, seen using brown hues alongside the classic black and gold in the interior colour scheme. In addition to the new colour palate, design elements have been introduced that symbolise the ocean’s waves. These new design features seamlessly connect the look and feel of to its surroundings.

While paying close attention to design details, has also introduced a new menu that includes a variety of seafood options. However, it will also offer African cuisines and a signature menu that will cater to international and local guests.

“The introduction of new colour schemes in our interior is a conscious move to bring the coastal feel indoors. Similarly, the seafood options on our menu are informed by the understanding that seafood is an integral part of coastal food culture. In this way, we can cater to a wider market,” says Mathebe.

The move and changes are reflective of’s flexibility while retaining the brands well recognised identity and bringing a fresh product to an ever-changing market. This has made highly adaptable in an industry that requires a firm understanding of what it takes to retain and attract clients. continues to solidify its place as one of the top food and entertainment destinations by creating a space that caters to all individuals. Whether it be a business meeting, brunch with family, a night out with friends, or sundowners after a long work week, is ready to take care of your needs.

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