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Avani Victoria Falls Resort Celebrates Zambia’s Cultural Identity

With Zambia’s cool season in full swing, Avani Victoria Falls Resort invited guests to explore rich flavours that lift the lid on local culture during the relaunch of the Mukuni Boma dinner experience, with a refreshed menu and an expanded cultural programme.

Avani Victoria Falls Resort Boma Dinner Guest Buffet1
Source: Avani Victoria Falls Resort_Boma Dinner_Guest Buffet
The launch was marked by the presence of the executive team led by Laurie Burr, the Minister of Tourism, Rodney Sikumba, and the Mayor of Livingstone, Ms Constance Nalishebo Muleabai. The event aimed to showcase Zambia’s rich cultural heritage to the guests through Mukuni Boma’s cultural experience. The event saw an impressive turnout of guests from businesses in Livingstone and in-house guests who were eager to experience the relaunch.

The Minister of Tourism highlighted the importance of cultural heritage tourism and the need to preserve Zambia’s cultural identity and how key the Mukuni Boma at Avani Victoria Falls Resort was to the tourism capital, Livingstone.

Avani Victoria Falls Resort Boma Relaunch Cultural Dancers1
Source: Avani Victoria Falls Resort_Boma Relaunch_Cultural Dancers

The relaunch featured a variety of performances, including traditional African music and dance. The Marimba delivered a lively and energetic performance that featured intricate rhythms and harmonies. Ngoni Warriors, another musical group, showcased their unique blend of traditional African rhythms.

The alfresco experience takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night at the resort’s Mukuni Boma restaurant where beautiful Zambian rituals are performed on the banks of the majestic Zambezi River.

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