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AI to the Rescue: How this New Technology could Change Tourism

Leigh Myles, Business Development Manager, Africa

AI is not designed to replace everyone’s job, as is commonly believed, but it is revolutionising how we live, work, and play, including in the tourism industry. Google Travel study shows that 74% of travellers plan their trips online, and more than 45% of users use smartphones to plan their vacations. This suggests that the future of travel is intrinsically linked with technology and AI.

AI has the potential to transform hotel guest experiences, making stays more efficient, enjoyable, and personalised. Hoteliers and travellers alike are discovering new possibilities thanks to AI, from digital guest experiences to hyper-personalisation.

Changing how hotels communicate:

With technology constantly changing, hotels must find new and innovative ways to engage their customers. While crafting captivating messages is challenging and time-consuming, Profitroom recently introduced an AI-based automated copywriter that simplifies the process. With just a few clicks, the AI copywriter creates unique and captivating messages that showcase the most relevant features of your hotel’s stay offers. This technology generates messaging that is tailored to your guests’ interests, from luxurious amenities to breathtaking views and delicious cuisine.

Digitalised guest experiences:

One of the important ways that technology is transforming the hotel industry is by enabling digitalised guest experiences. Hotel guests can now easily communicate with hotel staff and get the information they need to make their stay more comfortable. Traditionally customer-facing services are starting to resemble fax machines as the use of technology-assisted options like mobile check-in and contactless payments.

Profitroom’s suite of services allows travellers to tailor and personalise their hotel stay based on their preferences and needs. As a result, staff can focus on higher-value tasks, saving them time to enhance the guest experience.

It’s hyper-personal:

Another way in which technology is transforming the hotel experience is through hyper-personalisation. By leveraging data about guests’ preferences, behaviour, and demographics, hoteliers can offer a unique experience that meets the needs of each guest without overburdening staff. For example, Profitroom’s marketing automation can use AI to recommend activities and events based on a guest’s previous bookings.

How to scale digitally: Enhanced technology and AI are also helping hotels to scale their digital capabilities and reach a broader audience. By using tools like a 360-degree booking manager, destinations can automate routine tasks such as booking confirmations and check-ins while hotel staff handle more guests with less burnout. Additionally, by leveraging data analytics, hotels can better understand their customers and identify trends and patterns that can inform their marketing strategies.

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