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4 Accommodation styles shaping modern travel

More travellers are looking for personalised itineraries and curated stays that align with their interests and preferences. For some, that means diving into a world of sustainable luxury, while others might want to indulge in history and glamour.

With that in mind, here are four unique accommodation styles that encapsulate the desires of modern travellers…

Homes with zen

There’s nothing quite like the chance to relax and recharge. Choose a spa home in Joshua Tree featuring an outdoor hot tub and meditation dome. Explore 106 private acres in Texas for unparalleled stargazing and hill-country views. Or else, embrace the allure of Puta Mita for the ultimate tranquil stay.

Eco-luxe homes

Today’stourists are opting to “travel light”. So, why not embrace sustainability without sacrificing comfort? Nestled in Costa Rica’s lush rainforests, find secluded villas where nature thrives. Experience the heart of Ubud in fully staffed eco-villas or take in breathtaking views from Cape Town’s solar-powered homes. Leave a lighter footprint while indulging in Marriott International’s  eco-conscious vacation rentals.

Eclectic escapes

For those looking for something a little quirkier, there are many once-in-a-lifetime stays that will tick all your boxes. Discover a newly transformed 1800s water tower in Southern California, a serene yurt on the Oregon Coast, or an authentic 1916 CSX caboose in the heart of Pigeon Forge.

Fabulously famous

If a night under the stars is not your thing, a stay in the home of a star might be. Once a refuge for iconic celebrities, artists and politicians, these vacation rental homes are steeped in history and glamour. From Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs retreat to Estee Lauder’s former summer estate in Cannes, these residences offer a glimpse into the lives of the world’s elite.

When it comes to travel, where you plan to stay is just as important as the destination you hope to explore. Your choice of accommodation is one of the simplest ways to amplify your entire experience.


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