Tourism and Technology Summit Africa will be Held in Lagos with a Focus on Designing Africa’s Tourism Playbook

My Beautiful Africa, a Travel Technology Company, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is organising the Tourism and Technology Summit Africa 2022 (Hybrid Edition) with the theme, Designing Africa’s Tourism Playbook: A Hybrid of Culture and Technology.

The Summit, billed to be held on the 27th of October 2022 at the Oriental Hotel Lagos from 10 am – 4 pm, is expected to host an array of speakers who will be speaking on various topics. These topics will be addressing how technology is driving processes in various sectors like Security, Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, and Health.

You will find brands such as HP and Skyway will be exhibiting at the event. The Annual Summit is committed to the digital transformation of interconnected sectors such as travel, tourism, aviation, fintech, hospitality, health, entertainment, and the technologies driving business systems and processes operating in these sectors to make them more efficient and profitable through the use of technological tools.

In furtherance of the initiative to drive the digital transformation of the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Africa, the Summit aims to focus on the role Smart Tourism can play in achieving this transformation. This will be achieved by working on designing a new playbook for African tourism, the role technology will play in preserving our culture, and how it will drive processes in the new economy post-covid-19.

“The Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality space in Africa post-covid-19 has been impacted by the shift which has occurred. Technology is now the centre point of many organisations operating in the sector,” says Clara Chinwe Okoro, Founder and COO at My Beautiful Africa, organisers of the Tourism and Technology Summit Africa.

Like in other economic sectors, intelligent automation will change the nature of some travel jobs and eradicate others altogether. However, digitally enabled growth will also generate new employment opportunities that could outpace the automation of existing roles, especially as strong growth is forecasted for the sector.

Ms Okoro comments further, “the Summit is geared toward changing the narrative for better accountability in the industry and convergence. To promote the reordering of real SDG Agenda for Africa in Travel and Tourism using Technology and Scientific Capabilities to achieve Digital Transformation in hopes to create a platform for value reorientation in creating a new ecosystem for Tourism in Africa.”

Airports globally are reflections of a nation’s identity. It’s an immersive experience where travellers are passing through experience hospitality in such a way that they would want to remain within the ambience of that Airport. From the shopping experience to the advertising, the culinary offerings, the wellness booths, and the music. It all transforms the mental state of the Traveller.

Technology is advancing these airports in different roles through Artificial intelligence, software, personalisation, and other resources. Music is an excellent platform where countries sell their tourism potential. Many travellers are looking for a unique cultural experience, and Music Tourism is an incredible way to achieve that by deploying smart technology. With the introduction of FinTech, seamless transactions take place across borders making travel and tourism a seamless experience for travellers.

Fossil Fuel is being phased out, and aircraft is redefining mobility with electric planes. Vast arrays of speakers will be focusing on the emergence of new economies defined by shifting variables such as AI, Biometrics, Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, the Metaverse, contactless technology, and the diversity in technology.

The Summit will feature the following two speakers alongside an array of speakers:

  • Dr Oluseyi Akindeinde (PhD), CTO of Digital Encode Limited, will be delivering a paper on “How Blockchain Technology is transforming the Travel industry.” 
  • AIG Adeleke.B. Adeyinka, Assistant Inspector General of Police Zone 2 Command Headquarters Onikan Lagos, will be speaking on “Adopting Technology to enhance security and boost Tourism.”

Awards will also be presented by the two key personalities who have consistently deployed technologies to solve problems in society from their position of Leadership.

In addition, the Co-Producer for the event, Prince Adeyomi Adelokiki will be unveiling the CSR project under the aegis of the YGC Foundation with a focus on how health tech can solve the problems of people with sickle cell anaemia.

Digital transformation remains an essential agenda item for travel and hospitality leaders, despite the level of disruption currently faced by the industry, with demands for instant gratification and expectations from travellers and guests continually evolving. Companies are finding that integrating digital experiences into all areas of their business enables them to transform into more agile and resilient organisations.

Over time, many touch-points have gone digital, from how customers choose and book experiences to how companies manage their daily operations, people, and resources. Agility and resiliency have never been more important for travel and hospitality companies. We’ve seen that agile companies are better prepared to adapt to market changes – and thrive. The good news is any company can learn to be agile. We’ve been inspired by how the industry has responded to these challenging times with incredible initiatives and game-changing innovations. This is the solution our annual Tourism and Technology Summit Africa aims to address by converging players annually to discuss these salient issues.

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