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Profitroom rules the roost at the Hotel Tech Awards

Profitroom kicked the year off with a bang by adding to their trophy cabinet at the 2024 Hotel Tech Awards. Known by some as the Grammy Awards of the hotel technology industry and hosted by, the prestigious event celebrated the best and brightest innovators shaping the future of hospitality technology.

In the fast paced and constantly evolving industry, Profitroom has earned an impressive collection of accolades which are a recognition of the company’s commitment to global excellence, including:

Best Hotel CRM & Email Marketing – Gold Standard Ascension:  Over 1,166 hoteliers across more than 66 countries were surveyed for the Hotel Tech Awards and the Profitroom Market Automation tool was recognised for its effectiveness and efficiency in attracting and retaining guests.

Booking Engine Brilliance – Silver: Profitroom Booking Engine 360 achieved second place for two years in a row. This is testament to how the tool continues to reshape the future of hotel bookings.

Profitroom Websites – 2nd Place: Profitroom was recognised for its exceptional website design in the Website Design category for the second year in a row. This recognition demonstrates Profitroom’s dedication to creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites for its clients while providing an exceptional experience for  guests.

Peoples’ Choice Triumph – A Debut in the Top 10: Profitroom made an impressive debut in the People’s Choice category, grabbing a spot in the Top 10. This success demonstrates the widespread appreciation of users worldwide towards Profitroom. It also underlines the exceptional bond that Profitroom has established within its community, solidifying its position as an industry favourite.

Samantha Williams, commercial director at Profitroom says, “We are ecstatic and honoured to be recognised at this year’s awards. These kinds of accolades underscore Profitroom’s unwavering dedication to excellence and creating value for our customers.”

The Hotel Tech Awards are a benchmark for unparalleled excellence within the hospitality technology industry. These awards aim to identify and showcase companies that are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence, and whose cutting-edge technology solutions are revolutionizing the way the sector operates.

Marcin Dragan, the Founder of Profitroom, expressed his immense pride in the company’s success at the Hotel Tech Awards. Dragan elaborates, “This achievement not only reaffirms the quality of our technology for the hospitality industry but also motivates us to keep enhancing and innovating. Additionally, this recognition acknowledges our commitment to providing hoteliers worldwide with the best-in-class solutions.”

About serves as a trusted resource for over 250,000 hotel owners and operators globally, facilitating informed technology buying decisions. Profitroom’s success at these awards helps solidify its reputation as a go-to partner for hotels seeking to enhance digital capabilities.

The Hotel Tech Awards are a benchmark for industry excellence, showcasing companies that push the boundaries within the industry. Profitroom’s remarkable achievements in the Booking Engine, Hotel CRM and Email Marketing, and Website Design categories reflect their commitment to providing comprehensive and effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of the hospitality sector.

“The ranking process is simple, transparent, and unbiased–judging is based on time tested ranking factors developed specifically for the industry. Only verified hoteliers with hands-on experience using each product are allowed to participate in the voting process. ” said Hotel Tech Report CEO, Jordan Hollander.

Williams concludes, “We hope to continue to lead the way in hotel technology and although we do not do it for the awards, it is gratifying to be acknowledged for the hard work that our teams put in daily. We aim to continue providing exceptional solutions that elevate the guest experience, drive business success and ultimately help to create unforgettable experiences for people around the world.”

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