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The Saxon Hotel has been Johannesburg’s most iconic hotel for the last 22 years and remains to be South African at its core. This was front of mind in designing our new SOUL by Saxon Signature journey at Saxon Spa; a one hour forty-five-minute treatment using only the best local ingredients from the soul of our land that have been used for traditional skin healing for many years. The SOUL by Saxon signature journey follows on the successful launch of the SOUL amenity range in December 2021.

The signature products were designed especially for this bespoke journey. Our exfoliator contains apricot kernel and rooibos leaves for their exfoliative properties and shea butter, aloe ferox, moringa oil, and African potato for its anti-oxidant, skin replenishing and nourishing properties. An imbola red kaolin clay mask which facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients into the skin. A nourishing massage oil of marula and Cape geranium are used for a deep massage to end the treatment off. All the ingredients used in the Soul by Saxon body range are sourced through responsible and carefully selected farmers across South Africa making this a truly, proudly South African product.


The SOUL by Saxon Signature Journey begins with a mindfulness journey as do all other treatments in the Spa. This moment of connection allows the guest to be entirely relaxed, present and in the moment. A full body exfoliation with our signature moringa scrub follows on from this. The active ingredients in the scrub used for the exfoliation allow the skin to be replenished and promote cell renewal as well as having high anti-oxidant properties whilst still providing silky moisturising to the skin. The therapist will then apply an imbola red kaolin mask to the skin to promote the absorption of the rich active ingredients into the skin. This mask also promotes cell regeneration and is well known for its cleansing properties. Once the mask has had time to settle on the skin, the guest will then be able to enjoy a refreshing shower in their treatment room before enjoying a full body massage with our newly developed Cape geranium and marula massage oil. The therapist will incorporate traditional African tools such as the rungu stick, calabash and rain stick into the massage for a deep pressure massage, and to improve lymph drainage and blood circulation whilst reducing the stress stored in the body.


All the products used in this bespoke treatment were developed locally and include active ingredients which have been used across the continent for skin health and wellness purposes for centuries. The unique element of each ingredient encapsulate the essence of the rich natural elements our beautiful land offers was well researched to merge the proven benefits into an effective treatment in the most natural way.

The moringa scrub was created with apricot kernel, and rooibos leaves which act as a skin exfoliant. A base of shea butter, known for its skin nourishing benefits was combined with aloe ferox and African potato which are well known for soothing irritated and blemished skin, these therapeutic ingredients also offer skin healing benefits. This rich scrub incorporates moringa oil from the seeds of moringa oleifera and softens dry skin by maintaining the moisture levels of the skin, this effective ingredient assists in combating eczema.

A mask has been created with a kaolin base to absorb excess sebum from the skin whilst drawing impurities and toxins from the skin. An addition to this is red African soil which is reflective of the land which has been used for generations for its rich antioxidant properties.  This mask coats the skin and assists the absorption of the active ingredients from the scrub.

A nourishing body oil has been developed using marula oil with Cape geranium which purifies and soothes the skin whilst adding a touch of radiance. The marula oil comes from the well-known marula fruit which is indigenous to South Africa, the oil is rich and easily absorbed while effectively softening and smoothing the skin with a warm lingering fragrance.

In the words of Spa Manager, Tanya Lopes: “We wanted to create a Signature Journey that would enhance the Soul by Saxon body range, always ensuring that we stick to the values that lay at the base of this range and using South African ingredients, sourced responsibly, in order to give our guests a uniquely South African Journey.”

The Soul by Saxon Signature Journey is yet another unique addition to the Saxon Spa’s collection of Signature experiences and is sure to offer both our local and international guests an unforgettable experience. An extended range including the moringa scrub and marula oil that is used in this journey will also be available for purchase within the Saxon Spa, along with the Soul by Saxon amenities range.


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