Local is still lekker: five reasons why South Africans should travel local

South Africa remains one of the most popular destinations among travellers across the world. In fact, South Africa was the most visited country in the African continent in 2020 alone, with 3.8 million international tourists making their way to our sunny shores during the year. So, why aren’t we as South African’s making the most of the beauty that exists right on our stoeps?

Aside from the many incredible experiences on offer across the country – from lush, green landscapes and picturesque mountains to luxurious resorts, fine dining and unique entertainment – the local economy could use a boost from more domestic travel and tourism.

Luckily, South Africa has a lot to offer. Here are just six reasons why you should be exploring locally before you consider heading beyond our borders.

  1. There’s a good balance between nature and the city

Whether you’re in search of travel experiences that allow you to spend more time outdoors enjoying all the natural wonders South Africa has to offer, or you’re more of a city slicker who enjoys architecture and rooftop sundowners, South Africa has it all in one. Go from inner city luxury stays in Sandton to a range of hiking trails far from the bustling crowds, all within driving distance.

  • It’s home to the big five

According to consumer insights from Google, South African search results have shown increased hits for terms such as ‘game reserve’ and ‘nature reserve’, indicating that South Africans are increasingly looking to enjoy the wildlife experiences that the country is internationally renowned for. With the big five and so much more incredible creatures to marvel at in our local parks, why venture anywhere else?

  • South African hotels offer authentic experiences

Unlike hotels abroad that typically remain detached from local culture and do not always reflect the real way of life of communities around them, most South African hotels manage to achieve a good balance of resort luxury intertwined with authentic local experiences. The Capital Hotel and Apartments are all located in the heart of major cities, allowing guests to immerse themselves in local culture, cuisine, attractions and entertainment.

  • There are so many hidden gems to explore

South Africa is filled to the brim with lesser-known attractions. Mpumalanga, for instance, has loads to offer. Caving by Candlelight explores the Lone Creek Cave and is ideal for thrill seekers – a helmet and a candlelight are all you need to go on this adventure through this epic cave and dark, muddy tunnels. And if it’s an enchanting adventure you’re after, Kaapsehoop has all the small-town charm you can wish for – complete with wild horses and yummy food your Ouma would approve of.

  • More bang for your buck

Why spend a fortune on a week-long vacation overseas when you can enjoy a few weeks of stay-cation bliss in one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations? For the cost of return flight tickets, dicey accommodation, and food and entertainment that could go either way, you can book into one of the many stunning hotels and resorts across South Africa’s major cities for a long-term stay and enjoy the finest local dining, entertainment and shopping experiences.

There’s so much to love about our own beautiful country, so why not enjoy everything South Africa has to offer before you jet off to faraway lands? A staycation is not only good for the soul, but it’s a great way to do your part and give South Africa’s travel and tourism industry a pick me up after a long two years under lockdown.

Book your next local vacation at one of The Capital Hotels and Apartment’s many stunning destinations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mpumalanga, Pretoria and Durban. Apartments can accommodate large families – two-, three- and four-bedroom options on offer. For more information on The Capital Group please visit website: The Capital Hotels & Apartments.

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