Tour Through Africa

Tour Through Africa

Tour Operator specializing in Africa. We are a team of intensely passionate individuals who love Africa. She is ingrained into our hearts and souls, and we are committed to sharing our love for her with our guests. Africa is not a place you simply visit. She is a feeling. She is raw and untamed.

She is beautiful and real. She never pretends and is authentic to her core. This is what we share. We are a bespoke tour operator specializing in Africa and offering unique African journeys which are genuinely operating under the ethos of sustainability and that has the true heart of achieving a 0-carbon footprint. We choose our properties based on the experiences. The bush walks, the education and participation in being active contributors to the very projects which will save our beloved Africa.

Every journey is handcrafted, woven with the threads of your dreams, creating a beautiful tapestry of memories which will forever reside in your hearts. We love to share our passion and ignite that same flame in our guests’ hearts, creating the addiction that we call Africa. You may come to us as a guest, but you will always leave as friends.

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