Thanks to the close cooperation with our airline partners in the Lufthansa Group and the Star Alliance, as well as with other cooperation partners, we can offer our passengers a globally efficient travel experience with many benefits.


The Lufthansa Group is a globally operating aviation company with a total of more than 300 subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The company portfolio consists of network airlines, point-to-point airlines and service companies in the aviation sector.


Our Lufthansa Regional network makes the perfect addition, connecting the various regions of Europe with each other and with the Star Alliance network. Our services are further enhanced by additional partnerships with selected airlines.

Through our carefully chosen cooperation partners, we can bring you even better connections and a well-coordinated service.


Codeshare partnerships


With Lufthansa’s global route network, you can reach destinations in more than 80 countries, and we also offer flights with codeshare partners. These are airlines with which we have an agreement on the shared use of flight capacities. This means that, together with the flights operated by Lufthansa, there are so many more destinations and departure times available to you.

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