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South African Civil Aviation Authority



  • To develop and amend civil aviation regulations in consultation with the technical departments and the Civil Aviation Industry.
  • To ensure compliance with ICAO requirements and national legislation in order to ensure aviation safety, security and regulatory efficacy.
  • Evaluate applications related to Exemptions, Alternate Means of Compliance and Special Approvals, make recommendations in regard to the outcome of the application and ensure consistency in the consideration of all applications. A risk-based approach is to be utilised when performing all evaluations in determining the level of safety.


  • Review ICAO Annexes and Recommended practices to assess the adequacy and completeness of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations and Technical Standards and develop the appropriate Regulations or Regulatory amendments to ensure SACAA compliance
  • Attend ICAO work group and Flight Training panels, international seminars so as to stay abreast of all applicable Flight Training Regulatory changes, liaise with the South African Aviation Industry to develop the appropriate Regulations or Regulatory amendments as required to ensure SACAA compliance prior to ICAO applicable dates
  • Review International best practice and Regulations to ensure SACAA conforms to International Regulatory Standards
  • Liaise with Industry regarding Regulatory changes to determine the necessity and/or impact of any regulatory changes on the South African Aviation Industry
  • Analyse significant defects reports regarding aircraft and determine if any regulatory changes are required to address where trends show that Flight Training may be affected
  • work with the aviation industry, other governmental organizations, and the public in safety matters;
  • establish relationships with foreign authorities for cooperation on Regulatory developments
  • Attend all CARCOM, ASO and Personnel and Licencing workgroup meetings, prepare and deliver all Regulations, recommendations and research material as required;


  • Assess Personnel and Licencing related Exemptions, AMOC’s and Special Approvals in relation to the risk, hazard and safety impact to the SACAA, lives and the industry;
  • Evaluate the Industry risk assessment of all Exemptions, AMOC’s and Special Approvals to determine if the feasibility of the application;
  • Liaise with the applicable manager and/or area inspector affected by the application regarding the content of the application;
  • Make recommendations to the review board, Legal and Management as per the outcome of the evaluations done. Notify the applicant and the applicable manager of the area affected of the outcome on completion of the process;
  • Compare all applications to previous applications received and ensure consistency of evaluation results taking content and feasibility into account;
  • Record all applications in the register and evaluate any new applications to previous applications to determine any trends that might be developing. Evaluate any trends in applications for Exemptions, AMOC’s and Special Approvals so as to determine the reason for the developing trends;
  • Inform the applicable departments within the SACAA of any trends arising
  • Inform the industry of any trends arising.


  • Address Industry stakeholder problems/queries in an exemplary manner.
  • Provide Industry feedback to the Authority.
  • Inculcate upon Industry stakeholders safety prerequisites and procedures.


  • Proactively research, develop and propose specific standards to be applied in the area of Flight Operations


Minimum Qualification:

Hold or have held an Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL) or
Hold Theoretical Credits for all ATPL subjects regulated by the Civil Aviation Regulations 2011, as well as hold or have held a flight instructor rating issued in terms of the Civil Aviation Regulations 2011, Parts 61.

Ideal Qualification:

  • Experience in regulation development, participation in ICAO Task teams and work groups
  • Qualified invigilator, examiner and/or moderator


500 hours as flight instructor

Closing Date: 27 January 2023

All SACAA appointments are subject to S98 of the Civil Aviation Act, 13 of 2009 and all successful candidates will be subjected to security vetting. Employment Equity candidates will be prioritised in line with Employment Equity Plan. If you have not heard from the SACAA 90 days after the closing date, consider your application unsuccessful.

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