High Tea Affairs that Weave a Decadent Tale of Memories and Opportunity

Written by Jamie du Plessis

The launch of the partnership between the Winston Hotel and Just Teddy Fine Boulangerie & Pâtisserie on 26 October spoke of future opportunities and disruption of the palate through high tea experiences. The excitement building up before the occasion produced a delightfully chic and classic affair that opened to the public on 29 October. 

If you’ve never had high tea before, the Winston Hotel’s limited-time offering by Just Teddy looks like a haven that eases you in. A curated assortment of teas and decadent delights that are flavourful, communicate the narrative that was woven throughout the event and what you may expect to see. The official launch hinted towards an intricate tradition infused with a propensity for charm and etiquette.

Millat Investments CEO, Hamza Farooqui said, “The day is about trying to share and elevate this country’s taste palates. It’s trying to give the customers of this country a little bit better, a little bit different. We are trying to give that little bit extra so that when you are delving into that scone, when you are delving into that art of creation that the Zaki family creates, it’s in a nice setting. It’s not in a buzzy retail mall. That also has its place, but high tea is meant to be special. It also marks a very important journey that we as a group are trying to do, which is to disrupt the food service, food, hospitality, and convenient space.”

Even if you feel a little rough around the edges, you have the opportunity to enjoy memorable times with your loved ones. The collaboration is hosted in a setting that, when you roam around indoors, it enchants you with its tranquillity, and when you take comfort in the outdoor scenic beauty, you are provided with a serene joy.

Teddy Zaki, the owner of Just Teddy, said, “We were given the challenge to create a more elaborate high tea, a more curated high tea experience. The timing was perfect because we were planning a Sandton opening and wanted to elevate our offering to coincide with that. What you will experience is the new Just Teddy high tea, a more precise, a more refined high tea, a more luxury experience.”

The Winston Hotel’s imminent rebranding and refurbishment may be a bittersweet and beautifully written farewell if you have had the opportunity to encounter the hotel. However, an undercurrent of excitement ripples beneath the surface as some people are ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. Bookings for the limited-time-only High Tea can be made through Dineplan.

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