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Future-Proofing Hospitality in Africa’s Land of Contrasts:

The future of Namibian tourism is not just promising, it is potential ready to be realised. With the number of foreign arrivals to Namibia growing by 99.4% in 2022, globally renowned booking technology platform, Profitroom has seen the country’s potential and is teaming up with Ankerdata and Nurturing Revenue to host an exclusive workshop on the future of the hospitality and accommodation sectors in Namibia. This collaborative event hosted in Windhoek will give stakeholders a chance to network and learn more about the future of hospitality technology.

“We aim to do more than just promote tourism; we are looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals and communities of Namibia to stimulate growth in the hospitality sector. By the end of the workshop, all participants will be equipped with the necessary tools not only to compete but to thrive in the tourism and hospitality industry,” explained Michael Puffett, Senior Business Development Manager at Profitroom and fellow Namibian.

Together we all achieve more:

There is an old African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” This sentiment is at the core of what this workshop aims to achieve. Namibians across the sector must be able to benefit from technology.  Skills development, passion, and community are the main drivers of the Namibian tourism sector. The workshop’s goal is to come together, learn about the best ways to capitalise on existing resources, abilities, innovative technology and global expertise to achieve this.

“By coming together to learn from one another, showcase new ideas, and expand our networks, we hope to be the first step of many that take this industry toward a brighter future,” says David Swanepoel, Head of Sales at IT solutions provider Ankerdata.

The future is now:

The tourism and hospitality industry are rapidly evolving due to digital advancements. Guests now expect a high level of digital maturity from service providers, with some leading the way in using data-driven and digital tools to deliver innovative and personalised experiences.

Aiming to provide beneficial insights to the 12% of people who contribute to the Namibian GDP in the hospitality industry, this workshop will serve as a platform to cover innovative strategies assisting hoteliers in futureproofing their properties and introducing them to cutting-edge technology, software, systems, and ideas. Additionally, it will explore current and upcoming travel trends and their implications for the tourism and hospitality industry in Namibia.

“As home to the world’s oldest desert, the untamed beauty of the Skeleton Coast, diverse cultures, and wildlife unlike anywhere else on Earth, the name ‘Namibia’ has long been synonymous with beauty. We aim to use technology to help more people see that beauty,” says Lanese Carstens, Managing Director at Nurturing Revenue, a hospitality consulting firm with decades of experience in helping properties reach their full potential.

This platform provides a unique opportunity to join fellow hospitality enthusiasts and hoteliers for a morning of insightful discussion. Seating is limited, so secure your spot fast.

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