Egyptian Resort Situated on the Red Sea Seeks Increased Sustainability

In line with Accor’s commitment to sustainable operations and the reduction of its environmental footprint across the globe, Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay, has maintained its Green Globe certification each year since 2016. The resort’s core focus has been to keep its surroundings clean and create awareness among the local community while optimizing and reducing the use of resources. The resort also aims to meet Accor’s pledge to have zero CO2e emissions by 2030.

 Hisham El Demery, General Manager, says, “Going green is no longer a luxury. In a world facing global warming and increased levels of pollution, the only way is to always work in an ethical and considerate manner, both environmentally and socially, to optimize the use of resources and expand our responsible efforts to reach our entire local community.”

Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay, is always working to enhance equality, equity and diversity. The resort is proud to have an equal-opportunity work environment where everybody is welcome to apply and join the team. Over 99% of the workforce in the resort are locals, some of which have over 20 years of service and 5% have a disability.

 Staff members coordinate social responsibility activities to improve the quality of life in the local community constantly. This includes this year’s Kilo of Kindness initiative, which provided school supplies and non-perishable food items to the less privileged. 1000 school items were donated to students, including school bags and stationery. One hundred fifty boxes of food were also provided, with each box sustaining a family for a month in Sharm El Sheikh. In addition, many education sessions at the Sharm Official School for Languages were held to create health awareness during Covid 19.

 The staff team stays connected with the resort management through various social activities and monthly feedback meetings. The resort hosts two employees and their families every ten days to stay on-site and experience all the recreational facilities.

 Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay, encourages local art and crafts and provides opportunities to showcase and sell them to guests, who enjoy regular entertainment from local cultural performances of dance and music.

 In addition to these activities, Mövenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay, has managed to reduce its energy and water consumption year after year. Energy and water-saving measures are routinely implemented in different areas. Guests are also made aware of how to adhere to the eco-friendly practices that protect marine life while refraining from touching, feeding, adding or removing anything during swimming, diving or snorkelling.

 A unique feature of Mövenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay, is its massive organic farm with various fresh produce supplied to guests every day. The resort is proud to have harvested over five tons of different vegetables this year with plans to expand its agricultural production. The current harvest includes:

  • 2333 kg of tomatoes.
  • 204 kg of carrots.
  • 354 kg of broccoli.
  • 500 kg of red cabbage.
  • 245 kg of green peppers.
  • 234 kg of lettuce.
  • 1020 kg of mixed vegetables.

 To fertilize the farm, a dedicated plot of land is used for making organic compost from food leftovers and farm waste, including manure from the horse stables. Each month 90m3 of valuable compost is produced, reflecting the resort’s responsible waste management and environmental practices.

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