ASECNA Signs on for AireonFLOW in African Airspace

The Agency for Air Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA) has signed an agreement to deploy AireonFLOW for air traffic flow management capabilities, which will help ASECNA to extend visibility of flights outside its airspace and help predict traffic flows entering into its airspace.

Backed by the market leading space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data stream, AireonFLOW provides air traffic management grade data, which when combined with flight plan contextual information enhances prediction capabilities of flow management and other relevant air traffic capacity and demand platforms.

“ASECNA has been an outstanding partner with Aireon. ASECNA is the first ANSP in Africa to deploy space-based ADS-B in 2020, and ASECNA is leading the way as the first ANSP in Africa to implement ATFM in line with Mombassa road map for AFI region. We look forward to our continued collaboration,” said Don Thoma, Aireon CEO.

ASECNA, who has been using Aireon data operationally across its 6 managed FIRs since 2020, has seen strong gains in efficiency since utilizing space-based ADS-B, including reduced separation minima and direct routing. Additionally, ASECNA said it will implement by the end of 2022 the new standard of separation based on ADS-B. The longitudinal separation on the continental airspace will move from 10 minutes to 20 NM.

“By extending traffic visibility outside ASECNA’s airspace, the African continent is aligning air traffic flow management capabilities with Europe and the U.S., avoiding delays and reducing carbon footprint,” said Mohamed Moussa, Director General of ASECNA.

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